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The re-launch of Redevelop This House

December 6, 20130 Comments

We’re excited to re-launch! Our old site had over 1000 followers and we really needed to update the site. We switched from a site, to the platform with our own server. The best analogy I’ve heard comparing the two is is like renting and is like owning a home. You own the site and can make many improvements and upgrades as needed. I’m not a writer, nor do I pretend to be one, but this site should be readable. I’m usually moving a mile a minute and will not spend a lot of time with grammar, sorry to all of you grammar nuts… My goal is to post a lot of fun video content , gorilla style, on the fly as we track redevelopment projects in Canton, Fells Point, Butchers Hill, Federal Hill and a few other Baltimore harbor neighborhoods.

Redeveloping homes in these area’s has become cut throat. Many, many people have gotten into the game and its ultra competitive on the acquisition side. It’s really tough to get a good fixer upper / shell / grandma house at a decent price. All of the competition has driven the price up and we’re not seeing the same increase in the finished project prices. There is still a decent margin for the re-developers but it is being squeezed.

Anyway, hope you enjoy watching these projects come together!


Take care,


Ron Howard

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